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UAE Pro League
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"AvaTrade" the global pioneer in online trading joins the UAE PL sponsors.

The UAE PL and AvaTrade, the leading and innovative online trading firm, are delighted to announce the signing of a sponsorship agreement, according to which the latter joins the partners of the UAE PL of the ADNOC Pro League for the current season 2023/2024.



AvaTrade has become the latest sponsor to join the list of UAE PL leading partners, with the company on a mission to enrich the experience and capabilities of both retail and professional traders by providing advanced trading platforms, a variety of trading and educational tools, and extensive customer support.



The agreement translates the efforts of the UAE PL in attracting partners and advertisers and promoting aspects of investment and promotion of professional competitions following its strategic plan 2020-2030.



The strategic plan aims to advance and develop the professional league to become the continental leader and enhance the professional process in all aspects related to professional competitions.




Such important partnerships strengthen the 2020-30 strategic vision, achieve material returns, and contribute to the game's advancement for the good of the football community.


In turn, Waleed Alhosani, CEO of UAE Pro League expressed his happiness with the UAEPL’s marketing and promotional vision, which works to attract more successful and modern partnerships, since AvaTrade is considered a pioneering and innovative platform in the field of online trading and will provide a great addition to professional competitions.




On the commercial and marketing level, the UAE PL will also work with its partners to raise awareness of electronic trading for professional clubs, and to invest safely and effectively in this promising field.




Fadi Abou Ras, CEO of Ava Trade Middle East stated: “We are delighted and excited about this strategic partnership.




This partnership between AvaTrade and the UAE PL is a perfect representation of the high spirit and enthusiasm every trader, footballer or fan possesses.





The UAE Professional Football League provides an exemplary platform for AvaTrade to showcase its market-edges and the enormous value it can create among the local audience through its cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art and diverse platforms, and strong regulatory position both locally in the UAE, as well across multiple high-level global jurisdictions such as Europe, Australia, and Japan.”



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