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Al-Jneibi: UAE was first to adopt happiness as lifestyle

UAE Pro League chairman Abdulla Naser Al-Jneibi confirmed that participating in the International Day of Happiness celebrations aligns with the wise leadership’s approach that focused on ensuring the happiness of everyone in the UAE, which was the first country to adopt the concept of happiness as a lifestyle.


The UAE also created the Minister of State for Happiness post to ensure the happiness of all the citizens and residents alike. It also established the World Happiness Council, as the UAE became a global destination for those seeking happiness and a source of love and fraternity for everyone all over the world.


Al-Jneibi considered that happiness, positive energy, tolerance, and other concepts, along with our efforts and solidarity, have helped us overcome a tough year for the whole world amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that the UAE succeeded in combating the pandemic, as everyone is now happier and looking forward to the bright future in conjunction with this global occasion. 


Al-Jneibi hoped that football and the UAE Pro League competitions would contribute to spreading happiness across society. He added that the UAE Pro League adopts purpose-driven and meaningful initiatives to help develop and spread the most popular sport in the UAE and bring everyone together while creating a happy atmosphere.

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