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UAE Pro League
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Masters of the Game: Key Playmakers in ADNOC Pro League’s Thrilling Start

The ADNOC Pro League has witnessed a remarkable start to its season, with 173 goals scored in 49 matches across the first seven rounds.



Nicolás Giménez from Al Wasl FC has risen as the preeminent architect of goals, leading the league with five assists.



Not far behind are Al Ejandro Pozuelo of Al Jazira, Mohammed Awadh of Khorfakkan, and Alejandro Romero and Omar Atzili both from Al Ain, each contributing three assists.




Remarkably, Alejandro Romero is also at the forefront of creating scoring opportunities, having engineered 26 chances.



He's closely followed by Gastón Suarez of Bani Yas SC with 21 chances, and Nicolás Giménez, Adel Taarabt of Al Nasr, and Daniel Bessa of Ittihad Kalba, each creating a substantial number of chances.




These players have not only excelled in assisting but also in consistently creating scoring opportunities, reflecting their integral role in the league's dynamic and competitive nature.



Players with the Most Assists:


Nicolás Giménez (Al Wasl): 5 assists

Al Ejandro Pozuelo (Al Jazira): 3 assists

Mohammed Awadh (Khorfakkan): 3 assists

Alejandro Romero (Al Ain): 3 assists

Omar Atzili (Al Ain): 3 assists


Top Chance Creators:

Alejandro Romero (Al Ain) - 26 chances created

Gastón Suárez (Bani Yas) - 21 chances created

Nicolás Giménez (Al Wasl) - 19 chances created

Adel Taarabt (Al Nasr) - 19 chances created

Daniel Bessa (Ittihad Kalba) - 18 chances created


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