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UAE Pro League
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ADNOC Pro League's High Scoring Journey: 7 Matchweeks in Review

As the ADNOC Pro League crosses its seventh matchweek, it has become a thrilling display of goal-scoring prowess.



With 49 matches played, an astounding total of 173 goals, averaging 3.5 per game, has been witnessed.



Al Wasl, leading with 19 goals, showcases the league's most formidable offense, while Shabab Al Ahli excels in defense, conceding only 7 goals.



Both teams remain undefeated. Al Jazira leads in ball possession with 62%.



The breakdown of goals is insightful: Al Ain tops first-half goals, while Al Jazira dominates second-half scoring.




The striking prowess inside and outside the box is notable, with teams like Al Wasl, Al Ain, and Shabab Al Ahli leading.




The league also sees a competitive edge in header goals, with several teams showcasing aerial strength.



Further breakdown of scoring stats reveals:



Most goals from inside the box: Al Wasl (17), Al Ain (16), Sharjah (13), Al Jazira, and Shabab Al Ahli (11 each).



Most goals from outside the box: Shabab Al Ahli (4), Sharjah, Emirates FC, Al Nasr, Al Ain (2 each).



Header goals: Shabab Al Ahli, Sharjah, Bani Yas, Al Wasl (4 each), Al Wahda (3).



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