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Bencharki Tops Chart as Best Dribbler in 2022-23 ADNOC Pro League So Far

Football is a team sport that involves the constant movement of the ball between players. However, the best players always use their exceptional dribbling skills to wreak havoc on the opponents' defenses, creating chances and scoring goals.

Dribbling is an essential skill, particularly for players in offensive positions. That is why the UAE Pro League is presenting the best dribblers in the ADNOC Pro League this season.

Al Jazira's winger Ashraf Bencharki tops the chart of best dribblers in the 2022-2023 ADNOC Pro League, so far.

The Moroccan star has an average of 72 successful dribbles, outperforming all players in the ADNOC Pro League and there is still a matchweek left before the end of the competition.

Al Nasr's Ryan Mendes sits second with 66 dribbles; meanwhile Khorfakkan's Aylton Filipe is running fourth with 62 dribbles.

While Bani Yas's Nicolás Giménez is not far behind with 61 dribbles, followed by Al Wasl's Fabio De Lima with 55 dribbles.

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