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6 Managers Leave ADNOC Pro League during Round 1

Round 1 of the 2022-2023 ADNOC Pro League saw the dismissal of 6 coaching staff of five clubs, including Al Wahda, Al Dhafra, Al Bataeh, and Al Nasr, while Dibba sacked two coaches during the last 12 league matches.

On the other hand, nine UAE professional clubs preferred to retain their coaches. They include Al Ain, Al Jazira, Bani Yas, Sharjah, Ajman, Ittihad Kalba, Shabab Al Ahli, Al Wasl and Khorfakkan.

The dismissed coaches are as follows:

1- Carlos Carvalhal (Portugal)
Club: Al Wahda
The last match: Al Bataeh vs. Al Wahda, (0-4) “Matchweek 4”
2- Zoran Popovic (Serbia)
Club: Dibba
The last match: Dibba vs. Al Ain, 0-2, "Matchweek 5"
3- Nebojsa Vignjevic (Serbia)
Club: Al Dhafra
The last match: Bani Yas vs. Al Dhafra, 5-0, "Matchweek 8"
4- Caio Zanardi (Brazil)
Club: Al Bataeh
The last match: Al Bataeh vs. Shabab Al Ahli, 0-6, “Matchweek 9"
5- Thorsten Fink (Germany)
Club: Al Nasr
The last match: Al Nasr vs. Al Jazira, 0-2, “Matchweek 9"
6 Grégory Dufrennes (France)
Club: Dibba
The last match: Dibba vs. Sharjah, 0-2, "Matchweek 12"

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