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ADNOC Pro League Records Lowest Points Difference Ever between Top Five Teams after 20 Matchweeks

The race for clinching the 2022-23 ADNOC Pro League title is heating up between the top five teams, resulting in the lowest point gap between them to a record of seven points after 20 matchweeks in the history of the Professional Era.

So far, Shabab Al Ahli are at the pole spot with 45 points, meanwhile, Al Ain, Al Wahda, and Al Wasl maintain the second, third, and fourth places respectively with a tally of 40 points based on goal difference between them.

Sharjah come in fifth place with a tally of 38 points, with only two points behind the ADNOC Pro League top four.

With six matchweeks left in the 2022-23 ADNOC Pro League calendar, it is no wonder that the title race is set to go down to the wire, especially since the key battle at the top of the table remains undecided.

Below we shed light on the points difference between the first and the fifth spots after 20 matchweeks since the inaugural season of Professional Era:

2022-23 season - 7 points
2021-22 season - 19 points
2020-21 season - 10 points
2018-19 season - 17 points
2017-18 season - 12 points
2016-17 season -19 points
2015-16 season - 18 points
2014-15 season - 15 points
2013-14 season - 17 points
2012-13 season - 19 points
2011-12 season - 21 points
2010-11 season - 20 points
2009-10 season - 25 points
2008-09 season - 21 points

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