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UAE Pro League Holds Technical Meeting for ADIB Cup Final

The UAE Pro League held on Wednesday, May 24th, the coordination technical meeting for the ADIB Cup final between Al Ain, the defending champions, and Sharjah.

The match is set to take place on Saturday, May 27th at Al Nahyan Stadium.

The meeting was chaired by Musab Al Marzooqi, the Pro League's Chief Corporate Services Officer, and was attended by representatives of the two teams, the referees' department, Abu Dhabi Police, the private security company, and the work team from various administrations of the UAE Pro League and Al Wahda club.

During the meeting, which was held at the UAE Pro League's headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the two teams' logistical, technical, organizational, and media arrangements were reviewed.

It was agreed that Al Ain will be on the left side of the main stand in an all-white kit, and Sharjah will be on the right side of the main stand in an all-black kit

According to Article No. 15 of the Pro League Cup competition regulation, the game will go straight to penalty shootouts, without extra time, if the regular time ends in a draw.

Based on the strategic partnership between the UAE Pro League and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, which culminated in the bank's sponsoring of the tournament, it was decided that the pre-match press conference would be held on Friday, May 26th, at 11:00 am at the main headquarters of the ADIB bank in Abu Dhabi city.

The UAE Pro League will organize several accompanying events and entertainment shows for fans in Al Nahyan stadium's surrounding area starting at 16:00.

The official training sessions for both teams will be held at Al Nahyan Stadium on Friday, May 26th with a full hour-time dedicated to each team.

Al Ain's training will start at 18:15, while Sharjah's training session will kick off at 19:30. The first 15 minutes of each training will be open to media representatives.

It was decided the stadium's gates will be open for the fans at 17:45 as follows:

Al Ain:
Premium Cat: Left side
Cat 1: Gate (3)
Cat 2: Gate (1, 2)

Premium Cat: Right side
Cat 1: Gate (4)
Cat 2: Gate (5, 6)

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