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A Cooperation Agreement Between The UAE Pro League and The Egyptian Professional Clubs’ Association

The UAE Pro League has concluded a cooperation and partnership agreement with the  Egyptian Professional Clubs’ Association (EPCA).




The Agreement has been signed in Cairo, Egypt in the presence of H.E. Abdulla Nasser Al Jneibi, Chairman of the UAE Pro League, EPCA chairman Ahmed Diab, and Chairman of International Football Associations Jerome Perlmutter, as well as, officials from the UAE Pro League and the EPCA and the press.




This step stems from the common visions of the leadership of the two countries.





It comes as a continuation of strengthening the brotherly relations between the UAE and Egypt in various fields, including  sports, in addition to the keenness of the UAE Pro League to boost  cooperation with other football associations, aiming to achieve more progress, development and success.




The UAE Pro League signed this agreement because of its belief in the strong football relations between the two countries.





On the other hand, the agreement will enable EPCA to benefit from the steps that the UAE Pro League  has accomplished since its application of professional standards fourteen years ago, making it among the advanced and professional associations in Asia and Arab World.




This agreement will help in developing the administrative, technical and marketing aspects, promoting the football in the two countries, according to advanced standards, as well as, applying the concept of "football industry" to serve the common goals and visions of both sides.



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