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Hassan Taleb: Al Jazira win is culmination of exceptional season

UAE Pro League board member Hassan Taleb Al Marri offered his sincere congratulations to Al Jazira Club on winning the 2020-21 Arabian Gulf League title. He believes the Pride of Abu Dhabi’s title win is a culmination of an exceptional season on all levels, including the return of football after combating the COVID-19 pandemic. He also added that the season saw an improvement in the technical performance through the drop in the players’ average age and focusing on nurturing future stars, which were reviewed in the technical development workshop.


Al Marri believes that it was an exciting and thrilling season, considering the tight title race between Al Jazira, Bani Yas, and other teams. He added that fans are the biggest winners of the season, having enjoyed the intense competitive atmosphere, which we look forward to being repeated next season.

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