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UAE Pro League Holds Extraordinary General Assembly for the 2023-24 Season

Al Jneibi Praises Leadership's Commitment to the Advancement of the Nation and its Institutions



The UAE Pro League held an extraordinary general assembly for the 2023-2024 season on Wednesday via video conference.



The focus of the meeting was on charting strategic pathways to further refine and enhance the country's professional football.



The meeting was headed by His Excellency Abdulla Nasser Al Jneibi, UAE Pro League Chairman, and attended by UAE Pro League board members, representatives from the professional football clubs, the executive management team, and several departmental directors of the League.




In his opening remarks, Al Jneibi expressed deep gratitude to the nation's visionary leadership. He underscored their unwavering dedication to propelling the nation and its foundational institutions to unparalleled heights.




The UAE Pro League Chairman celebrated the ongoing journey of the nation towards achieving unparalleled milestones in various domains. He further spotlighted the instrumental role played by professional clubs and league sponsors in shaping the successful landscape of Emirati football.



He also asserted their collective efforts have significantly bolstered the professional football process, mirroring the UAE Pro League's ambitions to scale new heights and promote its top-tier competitions.




The meeting was initiated with the endorsement of the minutes from the previous session.




Subsequently, the assembly saw the appointment of three members entrusted with the responsibility of scrutinizing the meeting's proceedings.




A key outcome of the meeting was the green light given to crucial amendments related to the electoral regulations.



Additionally, a new, more streamlined distribution mechanism for professional clubs was unanimously approved.



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