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UAE Pro League Holds Workshop to Discuss Regulations' Amendments for 2023-24 Season

The UAE Pro League held its 2023-2024 pre-season workshop on Saturday, August 12, at the Rixos Marina Hotel in Abu Dhabi.


The workshop was attended by the UAE Pro League board member Saeed Obaid Al Kaabi, UAE Pro League CEO Waleed Al Hosani, representatives of all 14 clubs, and match officials.


Initiating the dialogue, Al Hosani stated, "Today, we unite to address updating regulations organizing all professional tournaments. "We aim to refine our championships from technical, marketing, and media perspectives, aligning with international standards," he added.


Reflecting on the previous season's triumphs, Al Hosani elaborated, "Last season was monumental; from the riveting ADNOC Pro League climax to the exceptional Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Cup. The UAE Super Cup was another feather in our cap, setting unparalleled standards in marketing, business, and media outreach."


Highlighting the significant role of the visionary UAE leadership, the UAE Pro League CEO asserted, "Our past achievements are rooted in the unwavering support from our leadership. As we gear up for another dynamic season, our sights are set not merely on emulating previous successes but transcending them by embedding innovative and creative elements.


The collaboration with our premier football clubs, sponsors, and media partners remains integral to this evolution."


The workshop showcased the accomplishments achieved in marketing, television broadcasting, media, competitions, and organizing matches, in terms of promotion and spread, modern technologies, positive media coverage, and development of stadiums and facilities. These achievements were achieved thanks to the concerted efforts of all parties, including clubs, media, and fans, in cooperation with the UAE Pro League.


It also reviewed the amendments to the regulations of all competitions, marketing, TV broadcast, and media, as the UAE Pro League is keen on updating the regulations periodically following international standards.


In the same vein, UAE Pro League board member Saeed Obaid Al Kaabi emphasized that successes are a direct result of unwavering collaboration among all stakeholders. As the new football season beckons, Al Kaabi said that the emphasis remains on not only retaining the accomplishments of past seasons but also striving towards new pinnacles of success.


Central to Al Kaabi's vision is the fan: ensuring that every matchday experience is unparalleled and enriched with state-of-the-art amenities and world-class facilities.


He also praised the active participation of club representatives in annual workshops, emphasizing their role in the UAE Pro League's growth strategy. "These collaborative sessions," Al Kaabi noted, "materialize their objectives through the persistent collaboration between the UAE Pro League, the clubs, sponsors, and the media. Together, we strive for superior standards and regulations for our professional football competitions, aligning with our broader vision of national progress and leadership in diverse arenas."


Further emphasizing the unwavering commitment of the nation's leadership to the sporting realm, Al Kaabi added, "We remain steadfast in our pledge to our wise leadership, which consistently supports not just football but the entire spectrum of sports."


Concluding on a high note, he extended warm wishes to all football clubs as they embark on the 2023-2024 sporting season, echoing the sentiments of an entire nation rooting for success.


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