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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League Fan Zone attracts visitors at Sheikh Zayed Festival

The UAE Pro League organized over the course of four days its sixth community event of the ADNOC Pro League promotional campaign.




The fan zone, set up by the UAE Pro League at the Sheikh Zayed Festival, attracted visitors of the festival in droves.




Selection the "Sheikh Zayed Festival" came in coordination with the festival's management and the UAE Pro League's pavilion saw visitors enjoy various sporting activities and entertainment events between Thursday, January 20th and Sunday, January 23rd.





This UAE Pro League event aligned with the objectives of the Sheikh Zayed Festival, which is fueled by noble Emirati values, proudly passing them on to future generations, while the broad international participation at the festival provided an opportunity to spread the UAE’s humanitarian message and for cultural exchange in a fun and entertaining atmosphere for the whole family.




This participation comes as a part of the UAE Pro League's ongoing community and marketing events calendar throughout the season, having previously held similar events at ADNOC Schools and ADNOC Marathon Village in Abu Dhabi, the Dubai Frame, Al Ruwais Park 2 and at Liwa International Festival 2022- Moreeb Dune.




The UAE Pro League's events aim to enhance communication and engagement with fans of different age groups and nationalities and motivate them to attend matches.



Such events focus on raising sports awareness, health education, and building a more active and healthy society.


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