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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League Holds Super Cup's Coordination Meeting

The UAE Pro League held the coordination meeting for the Super Cup final match, scheduled to be held on Friday, January 7, 2022. Al Jazira, the UAE Pro League champion will clash with Shabab AlAhli, the champion of the President’s Cup last season, at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium.



The meeting was attended by representatives of the Abu Dhabi Police, the administration of Hazza bin Zayed Stadium and the coordinators of Al Jazira fans and Shabab AlAhli fans.



The attendees reviewed the arrangements and security plan for the Super Cup match.



They discussed the distribution of private security personnel and the list of materials allowed to enter.



It was decided to open the gates to the fans on match day at 5:45 pm as follows:

Al Jazira FC :

VIP: Premium Entrance (A)

Premium Seats: Premium Entrance (A)

Cat 1: Gate (1)

Cat 2: Gate (4 & 5 )

Cat 3: Gate (2 & 3)


Shabab AlAhli FC:

VIP: Premium Entrance (B)

Premium Seats: Premium Entrance (B)

Cat 1: Gate (10)

Cat 2: Gate (6 & 7)

Cat 3: Gate (8 & 9)


In cooperation with the relevant authorities, the UAE Pro League is racing against time to complete the preparations for the celebration of the UAE Super Cup, scheduled to be held under the slogan "UAE, Where the World Meets."



The UAE Pro League is exerting every effort to make the upcoming event meets its fans' aspirations.


This event had been reaping successes in every sporting season until it became a date awaited by the fans for the match itself, and the accompanying activities inside and outside the stadium.

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