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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League holds the first non-ordinary General Assembly meeting for 2021-2022 season

Updates on the league development project aiming at enhancing games’ attendance experience have been demonstrated.


-Al Jneibi: efforts of the wise leadership enabled us to overcome the pandemic ramifications and get fans back to the stands.


UAE Pro League has held its first non-ordinary General Assembly meeting for the ongoing 2021-2022 season via video-conferencing on Saturday, where work mechanisms targeting the enhancement of Emirati football have been discussed and approved of in accordance with the 2020-2030 strategic plan.


The meeting was headed by UAE Pro League Chairman, Abdullah Nasser Al Jneibi and attended by the board members, the league’s CEO, and professional clubs’ representatives. Al Jneibi initiated the meeting with a welcome speech in which he thanked the wise leadership that always put UAE and everyone living on its land as a priority, and constantly provide the necessary support for all fields and specifically sports that has been receiving huge backing in a way that motivates and inspires younger generations.


He asserted that UAE Pro League and professional clubs cooperation helps make more progress, a season after another, towards the ultimate goal of enhancing professionalism in Emirati football industry in accordance with the global standards.


During the meeting, updates on the “league development project” have been demonstrated. The project is adopted by the pro league and aims at enhancing the experience of attending games through working on three pillars: Stadiums, Fans, and Competitions.


As for stadiums' pillar, it targets the development of venues and the provision of services that help create entertaining atmosphere for the audience.


It also works on enhancing stadiums so as to be qualified for hosting global events which will in turn increase fans attendance in the long run.


This pillar also seeks the optimum use of venues on and off match days.


The second pillar targets developing fans' interaction and involvement, which stems from the Pro League's absolute faith that fans presence can play a crucial role in enhancing the whole industry.


The Pro League sets an eye on providing an entertaining and stress-free experience for the crowd to get stadiums' stands filled with excitement and enthusiasm.


Regarding the competitions' pillar, it targets the improvement of Pro League competitions at the technical and commercial levels, and enhancing the competitive balance between clubs, which, in turn, will help increase viewership rates, and subsequently bring more profits through commercial and media rights.


Furthermore, the meeting has also included the approval of profit distribution mechanism for 2021-2022 season and the upcoming seasons, as per a strategy that promotes giving out incentives to clubs, based on the average fans' attendance in ADNOC Pro League games.


A prize for continental participation will also be awarded to clubs to encourage them make a good impression when representing the country at the continental level.

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