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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League launches the fourth module of capacity-building program

UAE Pro League commenced the fourth module of the Capacity building program for professional clubs' staff on Wednesday, October 13, with this phase of the program targeting websites and social media content editors ,and is set to last for 8 weeks.



This module of the program comes in line with the 2020-2030 strategic plan aiming at enhancing all elements involved in professional football industry in UAE, especially, clubs' administrative staff.



As part of the program's fourth module, two workshops have been held and attended by professional clubs' websites and social media content editors, in which best global practices that help boost the number of followers have been demonstrated and reviewed.



UAE Pro league will also arrange eight-week online mentorship sessions, especially-tailored for online content editors and guided by globally-accredited professionals, with a friendly competition set to be held between clubs' content editors to help them put to practice the procedures and methodologies that target increasing clubs' followers on various online platforms demonstrated and reviewed.



Following its tangible success over the past three years, capacity building program continues for the fourth year, with its ultimate goal to support club employees in their professional lives, while helping clubs make further progress at all professional levels.

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