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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League raises fans’ attendance rate to 80% of venues’ capacity

UAE Pro League has decided, in cooperation with UAE Football Association and National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, to increase the rate of spectators allowed to watch ADNOC Pro league, UAE Pro League Cup, and super cup games from the stands up to 80% of stadiums’ capacity.



Only individuals who have received the third dose of accredited Covid-19 vaccines in UAE, will be eligible for attending games along with those who received the second dose less than 6 months before the game.


Fans will also be required to show a negative PCR test result that has been conducted not more than 48 hours before the game, and will be required to abide by all health precautionary and social distancing measures, with the age range for fans allowed into the stands set to be between 16 years old and above.

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