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UAE Pro League Capacity Building Programme enters second phase

The UAE Pro League’s Capacity Building Programme aimed at developing the skills of administrative staff at clubs moved to the second phase of its implementation, which targets the heads of Human Resources at clubs.


The program was initially launched in April, with the first module targeting the Chief Executive Officers at each club.


The second module focuses on developing the skills of all Human Resources heads at the UAE Pro League clubs. By the end of the 10-week program, the participants will have made significant progress toward developing an effective plan for managing the human resources of the club and understanding the organizational structure of football clubs.


As is the case with the first module, the second module witnessed the creation of a bilingual role-specific manual and is then expanded on through two education sessions. Building on this key information, a tailor-made six-week mentorship for each of the club staff is designed with specific and clear goals to be achieved by the end of the mentorship. Throughout the period, best practice insight is provided by leading global football industry consultants.


The initiative is part of the UAEPL’s efforts to enhance all aspects of the game in accordance with the 2030 strategic plan. It builds on the development program that has been organized by the UAE Pro League for club employees over the past three years.


Completing the initiative in 2021 will be role-specific programmes for the Marketing and Social Media heads in all 14 clubs before incorporating more key positions from 2022.

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