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UAE Pro League Launches 2023-24 ADNOC Pro League Fantasy


  The UAE Pro League the 2023-24 ADNOC Pro League's Fantasy as the awards reach AED 62,000, including AED 1,000 every matchweek for the winners of 1st and 2nd place AED 500 each.

The winners during the first and second rounds of the Fantasy ADNOC Pro League will be honored with AED 9,000 each.

The first five places will be honored by the end of the season, with the first-place winner receiving AED 10,000.

The eight-booster features have not changed, as ADNOC Pro League Fantasy managers can use them during the season according to specific rules.

Fans can participate in the Fantasy via the website or Fantasy ADNOC Pro League's app on smartphones.

The target of players is to collect the highest number of points weekly, and the grand prize will be handed to a player, who manages to get the highest points by the end of the season.

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