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Secrets of the Fantasy

   Many people play fantasy, but only a few of them reach advanced positions. It's not based on luck at all but through a well-thought-out plan that was carefully prepared to reach the top for several reasons:

In your squad, it is preferable to have 3 to 4 players with a price of less than 5 million, provided that they are among the starting line-ups with their teams, for the following reasons:

1- Having players at a lower price enables you to buy top players with financial freedom and provides a bank balance, which enables you to buy and sell with high flexibility.

2- Having at least one of them producing a brilliant performance will give you a huge boost to go on top of the standings, especially if you have a player with less than 2% ownership.

▪ The policy of “Buy a player and if he scores, sell him, but if a player stops scoring, buy him and give him the captain armband to enjoy the maximum benefit when he returns to the scoring ways,” is not the only policy followed by Fantasy experts.

▪ Some old fantasy myths have become a past. If they say, only buy full-back defenders and do not buy a center-back, tell them that Lucas Pimenta, Al Wahda's center-back, is the second defender with the most points in the last ten matchweeks, followed by Sasa Ivkovic, Bani Yas' center-back.

Buying an attacking midfielder to contribute to scoring goals and making assists became an old-fashioned policy, and the proof of this is that Al Wahda's Adrien Silva and Al Jazira's Abdalla Ramadan are among the top midfielders with the most points.

Priority is given only to the player who features in the starting line-up and plays more than 60 minutes.

▪ If you want to use your Wild Card, you have to take a look at the league match schedule for the next three matchweeks and then choose your line-up.

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