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Habib Al Fardan hands Al Nasr 1-0 win over Khorfakkan

A late goal from Habib Al Fardan handed Al Nasr a tough 1-0 win over Khorfakkan in matchweek 2 of the Arabian Gulf League at Saqr bin Mohammad Al Qassimi Stadium on Friday.


In the eighth minute, Ryan Mendes' powerful header hit the post after an outstanding cross from Mohamed Fawzi bringing the Blues closer to scoring.


The Eagles had an exceptional chance in the 31st minute against Al Nasr, when Raphael Guimaraes intercepted the ball from the Blues’ defense and almost scored it but Ahmed Shambih saved it at the last second.


In the 60th minute, Brandley Kuwas made a short pass to Diaa Saba who then passed it to Antonio Carvalho who shot it just beside the net.


Mahmoud Khamis made an astonishing pass to Habib Al Fardan who easily put the ball into the net in the 82nd minute bringing the score up to 1-0 for the Blues.


After the end of the match, Al Nasr climbed up to the fourth spot on four points ahead of their next game against Al Wasl, while Khorfakkan moved down to the 12th spot with no points before their important game against Bani Yas.

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