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UAE Pro League
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UAE Pro League’s roadshow campaign continues at Dubai frame

UAE Pro League efforts to promote ADNOC Pro League and other competitions through participation in community and social events continued, as the league held a three-day event at "Dubai Frame" that witnessed immense turnout from fans of all segments of the society, in celebration of the UAE's 50th national day.



"Dubai Frame" has been chosen to be the venue for the event, since it stands as one of the country's most significant modern cultural attractions, and can be considered as a huge edifice that provides a perfect view of both old and modern Dubai, and tells the full story of an ambitious Emirati nation since its birth until the outstanding achievements it has accomplished, and that’s what makes "Dubai Frame" a destination for individuals from different fractions of the society.



The UAE PL's arena at the frame has witnessed a wide turnout, where fans enjoyed participation in various amusing activities between December 1st and 3rd, as the dates selected were meant to coincide with the celebration of UAE's national day.



The UAE Pro League presence in community events targets enriching communication channels with various age groups, interacting with the fans more effectively, and introducing them to the competitions in order to motivate fans to attend matches.


The league also aims at involving visitors of all ages and nationalities in its events as part of its health education plan working toward raising awareness on the importance of practicing sports for the well-being of individuals, so as to help build a more active and healthy society.

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